AXIOM Air Products

AXIOM Air Products

AXIOM Air Products is a leading provider of air pollution control solutions, including dust collectors and fume arms, to a variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing and the automotive industry. Primarily focused on supplying quality portable dust collectors and portable fume arms, AXIOM is ready to fix your dust and fume problems no matter how large or small with fume arm sizes ranging from 3 to 14 ft.

Offering system design and CAD layout, AXIOM can provide customized portable dust collection systems for capturing welding fumes, powders, grinding dust, dry dusts, soldering dusts and more. With a factory trained service team, AXIOM provides total customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Dust Collectors

Axiom Dust Collectors
AXIOM provides two main types of portable dust collectors: a roll out portable dust collector and a giant portable dust collector. Both types are able to provide fume collection for a number of materials, with their capabilities including the capture of dry dusts, welding fumes, powders and more.

Fume Arms

Single Axiom Fume Arm
Offering a wide range of fume collection products, AXIOM specializes in portable fume extraction arms of various sizes and materials, that are heavy duty and durable. AXIOM provides solutions to a variety of fume extraction needs in industries including pharmaceutical and metalworking.