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Dust Collectors

AXIOM Air Products is a leading provider of air pollution control solutions, including dust collectors and fume arms, to a variety of industries, including industrial manufacturing and the automotive industry. Primarily focused on supplying quality portable dust collectors and portable fume arms, AXIOM is ready to fix your dust and fume problems no matter how large or small with fume arm sizes ranging from 3 to 14 ft.
Axiom Portable Dust Collectors

SF1000 - Welding Table

SF-1000 Portable Welding table
Our welding table features a fume arm and downdraft exhaust to capture fumes.

SF1000 - Portable

SF-1000 Portable Dust Collector
A versatile portable unit that can be made into a welding (downdraft table) with arms.


SF-2000 Portable Dust Collector
Offering supreme durability, AXIOM’s Roll Out portable fume collection device is one of the best built solutions to dust control problems available on the market. The SF200 features a “Reverse Pulse Cleaning” system.


SF-3000 Giant Portable Dust Collector
The SF3000 GIANT portable filtering unit provided by AXIOM is designed as a solution to dust and fume collection needs that arise during metalworking, polishing, welding, grinding and various other applications.
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