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10 ft Portable Fume Arm

Serving industries including pharmaceutical, chemical and metalworking, AXIOM provides a variety of portable fume arm lengths including the 1630-P, 10 ft Portable Fume Ar and other standard sizes to fit diverse applications. Enabling the customer to take fume extraction where they need it most, AXIOM is dedicated to providing their customers with easy fume control solutions. A durable and efficient option whether they are used as welding fume arms, soldering fume arms or other portable fume collection products, AXIOM fume arms adhere to the highest industry standards. .
Axiom Portable Fume Arms

1630-P Product Information


Diameter 6 in
Length 10 ft
Hood Diameter 12 in
CFM 450 to 850


Standing Fume Arm
Hanging Fume Arm
  1. Hood Joint - Easy to move. All external adjustments. Flexible hose with gear clips
  2. Middle Joint - All external adjustments. Flexible hose with gear clamps
  3. Socket Joint - Rotating swivel with safety stops. All external adjustments.
  4. Aluminum hood (powder coated) with surrounding grab handle. Ready to be fitted with optional light kit
  5. Additional tube grab handle
  6. Smooth steel tube with standard damper
  7. Support spring or gas shock on outside
  8. Smooth steel tube
  9. Swivel base with predrilled mounting hole
  10. Swivel base with predrilled mounting hole
  11. Light Kit (Optional)

Pressure Graph

Fume Arm pressure graph

Parts Identification

Fume Arm parts identification

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AXIOM offers a vast array of fume and dust extraction products in order to fit varying customer requirements in differing industries including electronics, printing and chemical. As specialists in portable dust collectors and fume arms, AXIOM emphasizes customer satisfaction and product quality and is focused on supplying the best fume control products currently available on the market. Please contact AXIOM for your fume extraction solutions today!
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