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Don't Inhale Dust!

Inhaling dust is pretty harmful; you don’t need a doctor to tell you that especially if you work in the construction, mining and industrial industries. Dust comes from a variety of sources from grain, wood, coal, cotton, and even metal. Each form of dust contains their own set of reactions and side effects such as irritation, allergic reaction, explosions, and even result in death. Certain dusts are known to cause lung cancer over lengthened exposure and some dust clouds can be sparked and ignite into flames on contact with hot surfaces. For these reasons, dust collectors are used to keep the working environment clean and safe.

Because there are so many different types of dust there are also different types of dust collectors. So it is pretty important that you make an educated choice based on your environment and application. Some things to consider when looking for a dust collector are the characteristics, particle size and concentration of the dust, air stream characteristics, degree of dust collection and disposal methods.

Regulations are in place so that workers are not over exposed to dusts and other irritants, so air levels need to be at acceptably clean levels within the work place. Industrial plants also have to be conscious of their emission levels as the Environmental Protection Agency is worried about the amount of air toxins and pollutants emitted from industrial plants. These toxins could potentially be harmful to humans as while as the environment that we live in.

The EPA offers easy to read rules and regulations on the air quality that are in place to keep workers safe and protect the communities that we live in. There are both federal and state regulations in place, so be sure to stay up to date and keep your workplace stocked with top of the line dust collectors.
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