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The Importance of Dust Collectors in the Workplace

Avoiding dust in the workplace can be extremely difficult. Industrial production often includes grinding, blasting, mixing, causing dust particles and other irritants to be released in the air. Dust can come from a myriad of materials such as grains, coal, cotton, wood, and metal. Dust particles and other airborne hazards are dangerous when inhaled. For health and safety reasons, dust should be kept to a minimum and dust collectors can help remedy those issues. Without dust collectors, dust envelopes the space it is in and can coat surfaces. Industries that need to use dust collecting systems include, chemical processing, coal handling, mining, metal fabrication, cement fabrication, furniture, recycling and agricultural industries, as well as others.

Over the decades of modern-age manufacturing we have learned that inhaling airborne hazards is detrimental to the body. Dust particles can cause lung cancer, fibrosis (scarred lungs), asthma, and asbestosis when people are exposed over long periods of time. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set regulations have set the standard to how much dust can be in the work environment and how clean the air needs to be around the industrial plant. Dust collectors reduce or eliminate harmful particles in the air. Dust collectors have different ways of dealing with dust they work by capturing, separating and filtering explosive dust, woodworking, and toxic materials. Most dust can be seen but there are finer particles that go unnoticed and can be more easily ingested. Those particles bypass the body’s filtering system- getting trapped in mucous and other bodily defenses. HEPA and ESP filters take in fine particles that are unnoticeable.

It’s important to know what type of dust collector to use for you application. The experts at AXIOM Air Products can help you figure out what type of system is best for your application. Different types of dust materials call for specific methods of removal. When deciding on a removal system you need to consider various aspects of dust. We examine dust characteristics, particle size, concentration of the dust, air stream characteristics and disposal methods. Industrial applications that involve welding or grinding require direct removal. AXIOM Air produces fume arms that have easy to move joints allowing focus on the areas with high concentrations of dust. Where there is an abundance of dust floating in the air, an overall dust collecting system should be used to keep the work-space cleaner.

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