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The Many Types of Dust Collectors

There are a number of different dust collectors out there, and each one works specifically with an application. Even HEPA air filters, electrostatic precipitators (also known as ESP, cartridge filters, pleated bag filters all work best with a specific application. Both HEPA and ESP filters collect finer particles of dust that while they may not be noticeable, they can cause some serious damage because they are so easily inhaled and bypass the human body’s natural filtering systems. While inhalable dust can be trapped in the body’s mucous and other defenses, breathing in this dust is not good for you. This is why dust collectors are so vital to any work environment.

When you are looking for proper air filters and dust collectors it is important to look for ASHRAE compliant filter media which is the industry standard for describing filter efficiency according to the particle sizes that are filtered by the system. The ASHRAE, or the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, is an organization which works to advance the ventilation, refrigeration, ventilation in order to better serve humanity as well as researching sustainable energy efforts through education and other avenues.

In the industrial and manufacturing industries, extended media filters are commonplace, these include pleated bags or cartridge filters that come in all shapes and sizes. These filters are highly, efficient at filtering out a number of different sizes of particles as well as being able to sustain heavy loads by covering great surface area and being able to withstand heavy dust loads through layers and deep pockets. It’s important to consult a trusted dust collector manufacturer before purchasing in order to determine that you have the right air filter for your application.
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