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Learning More about Ambient Dust Collectors

Capturing dust is an important part of any warehouse or manufacturing plant. One of the easiest ways to capture the dust right at the source; however this type of dust collecting doesn’t capture all of the dust as some of the smaller particles will be thrown into the air where they are out of reach of these “at the source” dust collecting systems. This is when ambient dust collectors come into play. Pretty much all industrial dust collecting systems are working at the source of the dust but they also need to be paired with ambient dust collectors in order to filter out some of the smaller particles.

These ambient air purifiers contribute to creating a safe, clean, productive and healthy environment. They do this by taking care of the tiny particles of dust, vapors, gases and mist all of which end up clouding the air in a workplace. A common theme of these issues is that they are not noticed until they become a problem. Ambient air cleaners work to remove these threats before they become a problem, as these particles present an issue because they are small enough to bypass the body’s natural defenses.

Ambient dust collectors come in a variety of forms from self-contained, HVAC integrated, or independently ducted. These systems are highly recommended in all work place environments that work with all kinds of manufacturing processes. As they provide a much needed safety net that can be integrated into existing dust collecting systems.
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