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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Fume and Debris Collection

Industrial vacuum cleaners aren’t used only for the purposes of cleaning up loose debris created over the course of an industrial process. When used as industrial dust and fume collectors, they serve an important safety purpose. Consider the following examples.

In an environment where large amounts of aluminum dust are created, such as in polishing operations, the accumulation of aluminum with in inadequately ventilated areas can cause explosions. This problem is serious enough that it has found its way onto the front pages of international news publications in recent years. There are many different ways to address the issue of the accumulation of hazardous materials, and dust collectors are one way. Portable dust collectors are especially useful because they can be relocated within an industrial facility on an as-needed basis.

Here’s another example. In facilities where welding is undertaken regularly, it’s important to make sure that the poisonous fumes that are a byproduct of the process don’t accumulate and threaten worker safety. One of the ways by which these fumes can be dissipated is with the application of fume arms and fume extractors.

The use of these and other industrial vacuum technologies can contribute in very significant ways to workplace safety.
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