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Portable Dust Collectors and Graphite Machining

Dust created from graphite machining can become a problem in shops where proper dust control methods are not in place. In order to avoid health problems caused by graphite dust, precautions should be taken such as wearing safety glasses and gloves and determine a proper method of dust removal due to respiratory damage from the graphite particles. The two main opportunities to remove graphite particles from machining are either with a high air velocity system or the wet graphite machining process.

Areas that machine a small amount of graphite should consider a portable dust collection system, such as those offered by AXIOM Air Products. Another option for larger shops, are the installation of vacuum heads on each graphite machine. The heads will transport the dust into a collection system that vacuums the particles outdoors. Before considering this option, be advised that there are many benefits to portable dust collectors and fume arms such as arm sizes ranging from 3 ft to 14 ft, of course portability between different machines, and the ability to be customized for capturing all types of contaminants such as welding fumes, powders, grinding dust, dry dusts, soldering dusts, and more.

It is important to evaluate the most reasonable and appropriate dust removal system for any facility that machines graphite or any other hazardous material, as each has unique arrangements and practices.
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