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Vortex Jet Dust Collectors for Woodworking

One of the core issues in any factory involving woodworking is there will be a large amount of dust created through the processing and cutting of wood pieces. This dust could cause long term problems in the factory itself. Excessive dust can obstruct machinery which could lead to serious performance problems. These issues could include: cutting equipment to dull, grease and dust to combine and inhibit motors and other equipment, and even cause fire hazards that can lead to equipment burn-outs, explosions, and failures. Overall these issues could become very expensive and prevent optimum production. The dust is also dangerous for human health and could cause eye problems, lung damage, and reduced visibility.

Dust collection systems are required to properly remove the unwanted particles. One of the specific devices that woodworking facilities can utilize to control dust is a machine known as a jet dust collector. A jet dust collector is a cone-shaped object that prevents dust from escaping into the air by pulling it into the machine like a vacuum. This product can be placed nearby dust creation locations and simply pull the dust into the machine from the air. This dust collector can also be installed directly to a dust-producing machine.

Similar to other traditional dust collectors, this dust collector spins the sawdust in a circular or vortex-like motion that prevents the dust from clogging inside the collector. The dust is then discharge into a removable bag connected to the bottom of the collector. The operator can simply remove the bag and replace with another to continue with the process.
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