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SF-3000 Giant Portable Fume Collector

The Giant Portable Fume Collector is one of our favorite products as it’s not only designed for a solution to dust and fume collection but it’s also designed to integrate into your process with upmost of ease. This portable fume collector is just one of many products that are offered here at Axiom Air Products that go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We have built our reputation on supplying our clients with top of the line equipment that meets their needs through the extraction and collection of dangerous fume, dust and other particles. Driven by the goal of providing the best fume control products in the market, if the SF-3000 Giant Portable Fume Collector isn’t right for you, you can be sure to find another solution here at Axiom Air Products.

This giant portable filtering unit is designed to work in a number of different industries and applications such as polishing, welding, grinding, metalworking and many other forms of applications. It has a 2.2 kW motor, thermal overload motor stator, compressed air cleaning system and a variety of other features included. As with all of our products, the SF-3000 is sure to deliver customer satisfaction long after the initial purchase. The outer powder coated steel housing provides the ultimate protection when it comes to keeping the motor safe, which in turn means that your product will live out a long and productive life.

We encourage you to reach out to us today in order to find out more about the SF-3000 or any of our many portable filtration products. If you’re unable to find a solution that will work for your application, give us a call and we would love to hear all of your requirements to see if we can provide you with the right solution for your product!
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