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Dust Collectors are an Important Part of the Workplace

Inhaling dust has never been considered healthy for the human body, yet in some work environments it can be hard to avoid. Industries such as construction, mining, or working with industrial machinery can expose the human body to a number of different dust types such as flour, grain, wood, metal, coal, and cotton. The side effects of this exposure can range from slight irritation to even death. Allergic reactions can be common, and over exposure to certain dusts has been linked to lung cancer later on in life. Not only can dust make you sick or irritated, certain dust clouds such as those from coal, metals, or sulfur can ignite with a single spark and cause untold damage.

This is why dust collectors are an important part of the work place. Dust collectors vary in not only shape and size, but also by the type of work environment they will be placed in. It is important to know what type of dust will be in your work environment, from the amount that is required to be collected to the size of dust particle to even the airstream characteristics in your workplace.

Regulations are in place to the amount of dust that is deemed acceptable in a facility or job site, in addition there are also regulations on how clean the air must be that is surrounding an industrial plant. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, is rightfully concerned about the level of emissions that people are exposed to because they can be very harmful.

The EPA is available to offer measurement, evaluation and reporting on the must up to date regulations and an easy to read version of the Clean Air Act that was passed in 1970 by congress.
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