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Air Ionizers: Improving Quality of Air

Ionizers neutralize potentially damaging static charges on objects that are located on many areas, including your work surface. They are designed and used to generate positive and negative ions in an effort to improve the quality of air a worker may breathe in. Ionizers will eliminate dust, pollen, smoke, and other harmful air pollutants.

Ions are found organically in areas where true nature exists, such as forests, waterfalls, streams, and in oceans. Meanwhile in cities, with large volumes of pollution, there are not enough ions that occur naturally. Therefore, ions are produced artificially to properly filter the air, through consumer and commercial ionizers.

Ionizers are able to emit negative ions into the air in order to collect particle contaminants such as dust, pet dander, mold, and bacteria which can be removed by thoroughly cleaning the plate with water and paper towel. Dependent upon how often the ionizer is running, ionizers need to be cleaned as necessary. In order to clean, simply bring the ionizer outside, and wipe down each side of the collecting tray with damp paper towel. You will want to be thorough with this step to ensure that all of the edges and the base are properly cleaned. Often your own ionizer will also come with a set of instructions to make sure that you clean the machine properly.
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