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New SF-1000 Portable Dust Collector Configuration

AXIOM Air Products BK 125At Axiom Air Products, we are a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial fume and dust extraction systems. In particular, we specialize in portable dust collection, manufacturing a diverse line of mobile filter units for a variety of applications. Our SF-1000 series of portable air cleaners has reliably and effectively served in some of the most demanding industries, including the electronics and chemical industries, and has been renowned as one of the most durable and best built units on the market. For this reason, we are ecstatic to announce the BK125, the new specialized grinding configuration of our already remarkable SF-1000 dust collector. The durability and tough construction of the SF-1000 allows it to double as a grinding bench and a dust collector. Up to two grinders can be mounted on the top of the unit and ducted directly to the inlet plenum of the SF-1000.

The BK125 Mobile Dust Collection Unit is specifically designed to filter dry impurities and fumes. This portable unit uses a two stage filter system comprised of a metal mesh and a main filter stage. The metal mesh serves as a pre-filter for larger particles and also protects the main filter stage from sparks and other harmful debris. The main stage of the filter system uses two polyester cartridge filters to capture smaller particles, and these cartridges are housed in an easy to maintain tray. This unit is designed to simplify maintenance and cleaning. The dust collector comes equipped with our Reverse Pulse Cleaning system, which uses a compressed air system enclosed within the welded steel housing cabinet, to thoroughly clean the cartridges when air flow begins to decrease. The unit is also fitted with large wheels and swivel casters, maximizing mobility.

With this new configuration, the SF-1000 is not only one of the best built dust collector on the market, but is now the most versatile system as well. The BK125’s highly efficient filtration system makes it especially useful for welding, grinding and polishing and cutting applications. The system works equally well for metals and plastics. The portability, effectiveness, and durability make this new SF-1000 configuration the perfect solution to practically any air pollution control problem. Give us a call to learn more about the new BK125, and see what it can do for you!

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