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Portable Dust Collectors Have Arms

In the industrial world of dust collection there are many different designs and types of dust collectors to look for. When choosing a dust collector for your space it may be important to find a dust collector that has a space-saving design with the extreme power of any other dust collector. A portable dust collector is easy to maneuver yet powerful enough to suck the dust right out of the air.

Portable dust collectors are self-contained units consisting of a dust receptacle (usually on wheels), an inner air filtration system, and a jointed arm or multiple arms that suck the dust in, like the hose of a vacuum. They are ideal for a workshop too small to have a full dust collection system or for larger spaces where the fume arms can extend out up to 14 feet. You can take the unit anywhere it has power, and it can eliminate air contamination at a specific source, so they are called source collectors as well.

How do you know if a portable dust collector is right for your application? Is your workshop producing enough sawdust, metal shavings and/or plastic buildup, that a shop-vac isn’t efficient or effective enough to clean the workstations and the air? A portable dust collector can be equipped with HEPA air filters that can actually “scrub” the air and release it cleaner. These “high efficiency particulate air” filters are among the most effective types of air cleaner filters, removing a minimum of 99.97 percent of unwanted particulates from an air stream.
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