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Which Dust Collector is Right for You?

Green manufacturing is something that all manufacturing companies should be aware of and taking actions to increase the steps they are taking to comply with green manufacturing. There are two main areas manufacturing companies should consider when thinking about increasing their green manufacturing reach. The environment surrounding their facility and inside the facility itself, should be the main concerns. The inside of the manufacturing plant is often disregarded when discussing green manufacturing, but air quality inside of a workplace play a big part in work productivity and worker safety.

Levels of dust in the air can contribute to breathlessness, bronchitis, scarred lungs, and even cancer within workers. Dust is found in just about every manufacturing warehouse, facility and operating workplace. The type of dust depends on the products being worked with but they all have their own dangers and require specific dust collecting systems in order to properly cleanse the air.

The type of machining that is being done in your place of work is also something to consider when deciding which type of dust collector to purchase. If you are working with workstations that involve and a lot of drilling and welding, then there needs to be a direct way to remove the dust. While an overall dust collecting system might be better for applications where there is an abundance of dust in the air.
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