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High Quality Dust Collectors

Here at Axiom Air Products we pride ourselves on offering our customers top of the line products that meet their unique needs. We focus on customer satisfaction and product quality and is focused on supplying the best products for them. As suppliers and manufacturers of premium fume and duct collectors, we know that every application is different, this is why we work hard to diversify our product line.

Our customers all have different needs when it comes to dust collectors which is why we offer a variety of options from portable dust collectors to high quality welding tables. For example, the SF-1000 welding table is designed to both exhaust and filter fumes which come from the welding process. The SF 1000 features two stage filtration with a spark trap and 2 polyester cartridges with a total filtering area of 12 m2. If you choose to go the portable route, the portable version of the SF 1000 could be right for you. It’s designed to be user friendly by utilizing a reverse pulse cleaning system. This system uses a compressed air system to clean the filters while they are still inside the unit.

With filter efficiency that exceeds 99% @1 micron and the unit is supplied with our standard fume arm including all supports and adjustments on the exterior. For more information on all of our premium Axiom Air Products, contact us by phone at (855) 623-1986 or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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