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Finding the Right Dust Collection System for Your Workplace

Having a custom dust collection system installed in your small workshop or even in the large industrial facility where you work can make a huge difference in a number of areas. It is important to find the right manufacturer when you a shopping around for the perfect dust collection system, as many systems are different.

Here at AXIOM we offer a dust collection system for virtually every industry that might need one. We make sure that your company is able to meet air pollution and emission standards, no matter the size of your workspace. If you are unsure if you require a dust collection system and you work with metal, paper, wood, plastics, and other potential dust hazards, consult the EPA and OSHA for air quality standards.

Each of our systems comes in a variety of sizes in order to provide a wide range for our customers. We specialize in custom portable dust collection systems, for manufacturers with small work facilities that cannot devote the space for a larger permanent dust collection system.
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